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A Call for Building Community Leadership and Social Care

November 13, 2015
Engaging the Missing Science at the World Trade Center
Northeast Sustainable Energy Association, Online

Green energy efforts in Milton

October 15, 2015
Milton Times Article

Green City Team RFQ response for BCH and BCHP

July 9, 2015
Boston Green City Center
The Green City Team

Residents help launch Green Homes Milton

October 30, 2014
Milton Times Article

Green Home Fair’s environmental options

April 18, 2014
Milton Times Article

Home Power Magazine:

August September, 2013

Designs That Work, Building

Spring 2012
Case Study, National Grid DER Pilot

Greenhouse Gases in Perspective

December 1, 2011
Milton Times Article

Sept 30, 2011
More Towns/ More Boston Neighborhoods

Green Building Open House 2011

A Deep Energy Retrofit Transforms a 1903 Bungalow
Fall 2011
Northeast Sun Magazine

Dropping our Energy Costs: Investment Strategy for Homes

September 15, 2011
Green Space, Milton Times Article

Finding the MPG of our Homes

April 28, 2011
Green Space, Milton Times Article

March 28, 2011
Your Town Interview with Boston Globe

Clean Energy Options for Milton, Taking the Long View

February 24, 2011
Milton Times Article

Energy Developments in Milton

June 24, 2010
Green Space, Milton Times Article

National Trust for Historic Preservation

March/April 2009

Milton First Congregational Church Newsletter

January through April 2008

Milton Times

Jan. 18, 2008

Architecture Boston Magazine

Sep/Oct 2007, Past | Futures

Builder Architect Mag. (Greater Boston Ed.)

August 2007, Cover Story

Milton First Congregational Church Newsletter

January through December 2007

NESEA (2001) Building Energy Conf.

March 22, 2001

Building Energy, NESEA

March ‘97 Conference Proceedings,
“Design Tools for Placemaking”

Building w/ Nature

October ‘92 Newsletter,  Gualala CA

BSA Publication

Spring ‘91, Boston, MA
“Regional Perspectives in Sustainability”

Design Spirit Magazine

Winter ‘91, NYC Conference Review
“Organic Architecture Considered”

BSA Newsletter

February ‘90, Boston, MA, Volume 76 #2
“Larger Role Seen For Architects”

Design Spirit Magazine

Winter ‘90, NYC, NMB Bank
“Banking on Natures Power and Poetry”