DER Pilot Home

Quincy, MA

While the original footprint of the home has not been altered with the exception of new decks, the usable space has increased 34% from 2,647 to 3,560 s.f., achieving town approval for set backs to strip the existing low pitched attic acting as a dormitory for the kids, and create a five bedroom house by adding a new full second floor with a fully functioning attic for home offices, and a comprehensive basement renovation with a newly insulated radiant slab.

Here are some of the highlights of the Deep Energy Retrofit of this transformed 1903 Bungalow.

• Attic, Roof: R-60 (10”Icynene 4” Rigid Polyiso Foam added to exterior)
• Walls: R-40 (4” Rigid Polyiso Foam added to exterior, 2 layers interwoven for no thermal breaks)
• Windows: R-5 (0.2 U-value)  Paradigm triple glazed, low E, argon filled
• Air leakage reduction: 85% from initial leakage 5050 cfm at 50 Pa, final 762  cfm at 50 Pa
• Heating system: 96% eff Phoenix Evolution, integrating solar & back up water heating, radiant slab & hydro air
• Cooling: Carrier Air to Air Heat Pumps, COP 4.08 @47*F. 2.80@17*F
• Heat Recovery Ventilation: Lifebreath HRV, 88% efficient heat recovery
• Lighting: Compact Flourescent or better throughout
• Appliances: all ENERGY STAR®
• Renewables: Velux integrated Solar DHW & a 6.25 KW Solar PV w/ Sun Run Residential Power Plan
• Acceptance into the ACI 1000 Home Challenge, ongoing monitoring w/ total energy threshold of 11,007 kWh/yr.