Concord Deep Energy Retrofit

Concord DER / future Zero Energy Home   

see: Pro Trade Craft videos for project

Exterior Foam Insulation Retrofit

Fibercement Panel Siding Installation

Window Trim-Out for Thick-Walls

This existing 1950’s split level home was transformed into a state of the art Deep Energy Retrofit (DER) Program sponsored by National Grid. The project design began in the winter of 2014  and construction was completed by the winter of 2016. The super insulated enclosure was partially paid for through financial incentives and technical support from National Grid, and site evaluations by their partner, Building Science Corporation.

The construction of the project also became the  focus a teaching tool being developed for builders, called Pro-Craft Trade, who tracked the step by step construction of the well experienced  building team headed up by David Joyce and Synergy Construction.

The Owners had a strong desire to keep a modern and open feeling to the house, particularly in the grand space (combined kitchen, dining, and living room) under one large open cathedral ceiling. The extended horizontal planes accented by exterior future extended screen porch and entry platforms, were accentuated by the vertical entry plane at the northeast entry and southwest chimney mass housing the gas fireplace exhaust. Mature trees to south of the existing home were reviewed and tagged for removal by Concord Conservation Commission, to allow for a future solar PV array for the home to  run the new air to air heat pumps, and transform this DER to a Net Zero Energy Home.