Solar Wave Office Rehab

Solar Wave Energy, Inc, Renovations

Cambridge MA

These Offices were renovated for The Solar Wave Team, a Solar Energy monitoring company with over 30 years of experience in solar heating. These new offices were created to provide a central consolidated location for the company previously in three separate locations. Timeless Architecture was hired to work through a series of schemes with the various team members, and   provide an overall layout for the most efficient reuse of the existing office infrastructure. The 3D modeling of ArchiCAD and real time video proved indispensable.

With the selection of LEED approved materials and finishes and a highly efficient and Green minded Construction Management Team we created a series of new, small private offices for the independent developers requiring their own private and quiet offices at the edges of the space. These were linked with dozens of interior windows and glass doors strategically located to enhance the flow of activity and life in the offices by opening views and sharing daylight to the central well and working conference room.