Quincy Deep Energy Retrofit



DER Pilot Home

Quincy, MA

This 1903 bungalow was transformed to a 4 story, state-of-the-art 21st century home as part of a Pilot Deep Energy Retrofit project, sponsored by National Grid. The project began in April of 2010 and was completed for Christmas 2010. The super insulated enclosure was substantially enhanced through financial and technical support from National Grid and a technical partnership with Building Science Corporation and the DOE’s Building America Program. This project is the first single-family home of its kind to be built in Quincy.

The home is also participating in the National Thousand Homes Challenge, through to the Spring of 2012 – an ambitious program to showcase very significant energy use reductions in existing homes though monitoring. In addition to significantly reducing it’s energy use, the home is also supplying over 50% of its annual fuel needs with Solar Electric and Solar Thermal panels, fully exposed on the south side of this highly visible corner lot with exceptional solar exposure. A combined focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy have earned the project a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) of 26 from Conservation Services Group modeling the energy performance of the project.