Wing to Historic Farmhouse

  • view from back of lot

Wing to Historic Farmhouse

Milton MA

As one of the oldest farmhouses in Milton, set amidst dramatic stone outcroppings covering the back yard, this 18th century structure had a series of additions that pushed up against the original square barn with 18” thick field-stone walls in excellent condition. The owners were intent on a new family room and a new master bath, which set the direction for expanding over the garage and linking on two floors back to the main house. In addition, the mid sections of the existing home were opened and expanded into the old sitting porch, while the entire home was insulated and outfitted with new energy efficient windows, reducing the energy use by approx 45%.

With restricted space on the site, a new spiral stair was added from the new foyer to the new family room. New windows were placed to strategically open up views to the rock garden out back complete with a new waterfall, made visible to all portions of the home. The project was well built by FBN Construction of Boston.

The second  phase 8 years laster included the redesign to the  kitchen and portions of the first floor, incorporating additional energy conservation measures.